«A true cinematic essay on daily work, perseverance and faith. A film of sublime silence and special atmosphere. Very good. I highly recommend it.»
Dubravka Lakić (FIPRESCI), Politika Newspaper (Serbia)​

«A profound exploration of faith, it should not be missed.»
Christopher Smail, White Coffee Magazine (UK)

«Filmed with great respect and attention to detailed, the director delves with this work into the very essence of this Serbian Orthodox community, recreating a beautiful atmosphere of faith, commitment, perseverance and dedication.»
Clara Martínez Malagelada, Sala 1 Magazine (Spain)


En un pequeño pueblo de las profundidades de Serbia, Mirko cuida con fervorosa dedicación de la pequeña iglesia serbo-ortodoxa de la comunidad. Todos los días abre, y con sumo cuidado prepara cada detalle para que el sacerdote pueda oficiar la misa. Cuando todo está listo Mirko tañe las campanas, pero sólo una anciana y devota mujer entra en la iglesia. Hasta que un día ni siquiera la anciana aparece.


In a little village in the heart of Serbia Mirko takes care of the old and small Serbian Orthodox church of the community. Every day he opens the church and with strong dedication prepares all details for the service that the priest will give. When everything is ready, Mirko rings the bells. Only an old and devoted woman enters the church: she is the only person attending the service. But one day not even the old lady arrives.